Friday, September 07, 2007


I´m in Lorca tonight. I am not making the speed I had hoped to, but I don´t care. I will bus some distance if I need to. I need to catch up with my friends at some point so they don´t worry and I hit my end date.

The alburgue last night only allowed seven total. Tonight my room has four. The 120 has been interesting. I´m listening to opera Pavarotti as I type as Jose is an Opera fan. He was tending to the alburgue for his father Jose, Sr. (During the trip Pavarotti passed away.)

Tonight I´m helping cook dinner. Nothing is a problem, every thing just works out. I mean, heck, I´m helping cook in Spain! Jose sent me limping up to the "store"...the last house on the left up the hill. I knew what I had to buy, but didn't know exactly how to ask for it....but I did. The alburgue wasn't certified or whatever to serve food, but Pilgrims were allowed to cook. Hence our plan. And at one point I asked Jose if he had the same meal served EVERYNIGHT and he said, yes. (The crowd turned over every day, who would know?) And as you can see below, the outcome of the cooking left them smiling. Or maybe that was the wine...whatever!

Oh and every village is on a hill...that being able to see your enemy coming thing.

Here are the coolest things I´m encountering: I´m totally FREE! Chocolate is energy! The food is fabulous! The world is kind and wonderful-I have witnessed it every hour of every day. Blackberries off the vine are divine! God is ever present...with the people, the alberques, the signs, rocks made into arrows, the food, the wine, the new friends.

This is the geatest thing I´ve ever experienced. I will NEVER be the same.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am so happy you are thoroughly enjoying yourself! I can't wait to see photos of those villages on a hill and the food and signs... and of course your new friends!

DIana said...

My heart is full for you, dear Teri. Here I sit at a computer in the library, and there you are cooking dinner and drinking wine in Spain with friends who only hours ago were strangers.
Love and miss you.