Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My first passport expires this year. I had my photos taken today and my forms are ready to mail for my renewal. I really hate to part with my current passport even for the length of time it will take to process the renewal. I'll get my original back and will cherish it's beginnings forever.

I never thought I'd own a passport, let alone need a second one.

I've been to Portugal, France (twice), Netherlands, Mexico and Canada (not so local any more).

Another step closer.

Since Then and Now

Since "the book" there have been other books, chance meetings with past pilgrims, plans, miles upon miles of walking (1100 in 2005 and hefty hikes every weekend during the spring and summer of 2006 including Mt. Timpanogos), online discussion groups, pack fittings, clothing purchases.

Now is the time. Five months from now I'll emerge from the plan, take a train and begin my pilgrimage.

It has been planned for God, it has been planned for me. What it will do will unite my head, my heart, my soul and my feet. It will futher prove that a unique little girl, from a nowhere town, with a gnarled life path, can do anything she sets her mind to.

I promise to appreciate and savor every step, every view, every sound, every taste, every emotion and thought, every moment, of every day of this journey. And my journey will honor all my friends and children and lovers who gave me the skills and faith to do this.