Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pilgrim's Together

Pilgrim's Together (click to watch video)
by John Coleman

No longer strangers but pilgrims together
Called to be woven like threads on the loom
Drawn by the one God who thirsts for communion
Called by the piper called by the tune
Though we come from many nations
And our faith has many names
Across oceans over mountains
On these paths of peace we come
To be together in the walking
In the resting in the meal
And when the blessed breath of evening comes
As one the pilgrims kneel
No longer strangers. . .
We know our thirst for God is blessing
We know our hunger’s not a curse
We know our emptiness is sacred room
Like a precious spirit purse
We are lovers of communion
We are building with our clay
A house for God to dwell with us
Let us be the house we pray
No longer strangers. . .
Every thread that’s sewn is different
There are no two quite the same
All the colours make strange rainbows
God’s promises made plain
We submit to the great weaver
Let our pattern be the weaver’s refrain
Our God the God of difference
Calls each of us by name
No longer strangers. . .