Monday, April 30, 2007

Se Habla Espanol

I took another step towards Santiago de Compostela today - I signed up for beginner and intermediate Spanish classes. The latter will end exactly two weeks before I leave for Spain. I swore I'd do this right and I am!

Just think - 12 weeks of lessons and 5 weeks of immersion.

Entonces realmente experimentar√© a locals. ¡Maravilloso!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Less Than 145 Days!

I started reading all the emails (posts) from the discussion groups that I've been saving tonight. Only 127 to go from one site. There's so much to read and think about.

I pulled out a full size map and marked my route. It is a big map and it seems like a very long route. My feet are getting scared.

One nice thing I've picked up over and over in reading the posts. There are lots of women my age doing the camino and many have done it over and over and over. It is getting very exciting!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Camino Frances


A group of us gathered at a friend's house tonight. The conversation turned to my trip. All are in support, one whispy eyed because I'll be gone so long. I feel so loved. I can't wait to take them, mentally, in my pocket, with me.

I know I'll come back changed. And they'll still love me.

The Pilgrimage

From the author of The Pilgrimage:

Dear Teri,

Thank you for your kind words. The messages from my readers are always a joy to read and respond to.

The road to wisdom is to have no fear of making mistakes.

Paulo Coelho

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Pilgrimage

Another day, another affirmation.

While at the bookstore today I found a book called The Alchemist. It sounded good. While browsing the author's credits, "The Pilgirmage" caught my attention.Recently, I'd asked the bookstore to look for books about the El Camino de Santiago or Santiago de Compostela.

Most I'd read and most weren't available in the store. Sure enough this book is about the camino. It did not come up in the search because he refers to it as San Tiago.

The author, Paulo Coelho, offers links on his website: and a blog:

I look forward to the read.

With 150 more or less

The countdown has begun. 150 days more or less. I'm anxious to see how many miles I can log between now and then in preparation of El Camino.

Spring has just arrived here in Utah - I've been able to do a lot of short walks, but have also had to either weather some spring snow storms or postpone a walk because of it. Yesterday I managed about 6 miles. Oh the aches. Some of my parts aren't working like they did last year. It proves that the time is now do to this trip before my ideas exceed my capacity. I still have hopes of doing St. Helens again (piece of cake now LOL) and the Appalachian Trail.

I have some intense homework to start this week - what airline in and out. I have about 300 postings that I've saved this last year to sort through - it's time to focus. It is really going to happen!

Yesterday afternoon I pulled on a pair of new shoes that are a very likely candidate to be part of this trip (I figure three pairs, all slightly broken in will do the trick.)

In another post I will discuss some music I acquired that is related to Santiago and the pilgrimage and how it inspires me to continue my journey.