Friday, January 25, 2008

The Boys!

Two of my wonderful Camino companions got together a couple of weeks ago for a little reunion. The photo is beautiful -to see them both together again. It makes me laugh though to see them both with hair and sitting in a kitchen!
The last picture I had of them together was on a plaza major in Pamploma!
These guys mean so much to me....we crossed paths every few days for about 3 weeks.
Here's what they wrote about me:
Ended with a good glas [sic] of real cognac and a BIG sigar [sic]. While enjoying these earthly products, we remembered ourselves how lucky we are to have a heavenly girl friend, Angel Theresa. (Remember Joop is Dutch - English is his second language).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up!

A wandering woman writing from Spain!

Here is a wonderful pictoral journey of what I saw (many of the same types of pictures I took - and haven't yet posted) while on my Camino. This is beautiful and well worth the time.

Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of good Spanish wine, take a seat and take this splendid journey!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007 Camino Statistics

I've underline and emphasized those that represent ME!!

There were 114,026 Compostela recipients pilgrims in 2007 (100,377 in 2006).

Pilgrims with purely religious motives were 43,581; religious-cultural 60,944 and non-religious 9,501.

104,568 pilgrims came from Europe. The largest number of non-Spaniard pilgrims came from Germany, 13,837, followed by those from Italy, 10,257, those from France, 6,982, those from Portugal, 4,001, those from the United States 2,229. Those from Canada 1,850, those from the UK 1,696: those from Austria, 1,686; from Holland 1,655; from Brasil, 1,395; from Belgium, 1,332: from Switzerland 1,136; from Ireland 1,090........ and the rest in verying numbers from more than 100 countries.

47,246 of the pilgrims were women and 66,780 were men.

Pilgrims under 15 years of age were 4,858; 16 to 35, 44,239: 36 to 65, 58,631 and 66 to 100, 6,298,(4,843 in 2006).