Sunday, April 01, 2007

With 150 more or less

The countdown has begun. 150 days more or less. I'm anxious to see how many miles I can log between now and then in preparation of El Camino.

Spring has just arrived here in Utah - I've been able to do a lot of short walks, but have also had to either weather some spring snow storms or postpone a walk because of it. Yesterday I managed about 6 miles. Oh the aches. Some of my parts aren't working like they did last year. It proves that the time is now do to this trip before my ideas exceed my capacity. I still have hopes of doing St. Helens again (piece of cake now LOL) and the Appalachian Trail.

I have some intense homework to start this week - what airline in and out. I have about 300 postings that I've saved this last year to sort through - it's time to focus. It is really going to happen!

Yesterday afternoon I pulled on a pair of new shoes that are a very likely candidate to be part of this trip (I figure three pairs, all slightly broken in will do the trick.)

In another post I will discuss some music I acquired that is related to Santiago and the pilgrimage and how it inspires me to continue my journey.

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