Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Special Recognition

I have so many surrounding me who are keeping me on the road. I need to especially recognize three: Mr. Droopy Face and my Evil Twin and Jules have been so supportive. They all seem to know exactly when to say what (I think they are tag teaming sometimes). Please take time to all hug each other and pass my love around. I will give you each a big slobber when I get back.

Mr. D - has known me the longest, the best, and loved me the most! Every day of knowing him is a gift and a joy.

The other princess....how I look forward to our Saturday calls! I miss you so very much. Thanks for all your support, long distance hugs and ears.....you´ve listened to so much.

Congratulations to Jules and Brian for bringing little miss Nora into this world. She is blessed by having two of the most loving people I have ever known for parents. Jules....I hope she gives you all the joy you have given me for the last couple of decades.

Randi, Diana, Blaine, Brian, Steve, Julie B, Gina, Daniel, Denise, Shanna and everyone else....thank you so much.

To everyone - the humanity present on the Camino gives me hope that we can save the world!

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