Monday, September 03, 2007

My View of the Pyrenees

This was my general view during my day through the Pyrenees. Remember how I noted that I only got a five minute glimpse of "what was out there? Here are the before and after's.

I love hiking in the mist/fog, so my trek through the Pyranees was to my liking. Many complained about the weather and/or loss of view. But I was granted, late in the day, a glimpse of what everyone else in the days prior and preceeding had experienced.

At one point I just felt I needed to slow down and look around (this feeling/message happened a lot on the Camino and by following it, I was always rewarded with a little gift of something special to see or experience). It was like the sunlight and fog were having a battle of wills. I pulled out my camera. I turned around (stopping and looking backwards was another habit I developed early and did often that served me well on the Camino) to see that some very thick clouds part (yes, "part") and reveal (yes, "reveal") the hills and valleys in their exquisite verdant-ness.

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