Thursday, September 20, 2007

Camino Pedometer

I'm loving Galacia. Country roads, stone fences, rolling fields of farmland, forests, birdy calls, livestock perfume.

Every half kilometer there is a stone marker stating the distance to Santiago. Kind of like a New Year's countdown or a Spanish version of 100 bottles of beer on the wall.

It is early in the day. I am in Ferreiros. A little nowhere village with an alburgue. I am NOT going to pound out the km...I have time to take in every birdy chirp that is sent in my direction.

Earlier today I left a note in the stone hermitage for my Camino friends. Hopefully my spirit will call to them to stop and read my note as they pass by and know that I, in turn will be cheering them on.

This photo was taken at the 100km marker. The OFFICIAL spot marking the 100km's to Santiago that earn a Compostela.

(From my Treo)

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