Saturday, September 22, 2007

Palas de Rei

I think I earned to say "oh crap! " in 10 languages this morning. We all slept until 7:30. The alburges close at 8! Today was un eventful other than my weekly Saturday call from Louise. I look forward to these! Her first was so appropriately timed, as I would have bailed this adventure the first week if not for that call.

Tomorrow is Sunday which means today required grocery shopping. I have been looking for a bakery to get those great cookies that Jurgen kept buying for me in Burgos.

My shadow is smaller. I gave my shorts a hitch up today and could see my whole feet down through the waistband.

I should be to Santiago on Wednesday!

Blessed Domingo/Sunday to you! (Manana)

(From my Treo)

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