Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Pilgrim's Day

Up at 5:45 if you want access to the toilet and sink. 6:00 if you want the lights and plastic bags to wake you and you want to prance while waiting for a toilet.

Check to see what hurts less and what might hurt new.

Toilet, teeth, face, hair optional, tape toes. Food. Go. Probably still dark if you avoided toilet prance.

Having checked for yellow arrows the previous night, head out carefully because arrows don't glow in the dark. Walk.

In about an hour turn around and see a glorious sunrise! Have a bite of chocolate! Walk.

Village and cafe con leche. Walk. Smile at locals and say "buenas dias", get "buen camino" and figs. Walk.

See vineyards and churches and very old buildings and children and very old wrinkled people whop will give you blessings.. Eat fabulous food. Walk.

Get to alburgue. Wait for opening. Talk with other pilgrims. Pay 3-5 Euro ($5-7), get bed. Lay out sleeping bag. Get iin line to shower 70-140 wanting same. If staying in churches, sleep on floor (really very nice), and cook and eat and clean up together. Siesta (everything is closed). Walk to see city (always in the old part - beautiful!)

10:00 lights out.

Everydays brings a new miracle to experience! Everyday some new Espanol and food and kindness and old friend and new friend. Absolute joy!

Rinse, repeat!

(From my Treo)

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