Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Buenos Noches Santiago

My "apartment" is part of a semi-open air collection of the same. There are kids next to me with a guitar. The music is festive and joyful. They've been yelled at a couple times by the real residents, but I'm enjoying their obvious joy and bohemien-ness of this whole adventure!

I finally managed to get a hot meal tonight when I wanted it. I used the system-ordered lunch late. Pimientos de Pardón. I ordered my entire meal in Spanish (and knew what I was ordering) and responded to the questions. I even correced the owner on the bill because he was undercharging Spanish!

Two things have changed with the region change..tortilla (which is different than the US version too) and pimiento which was a red pepper in Navarra and is now a little green chili in Galacia.

I bought some relish picks today that represent Galacia. The shopkeeper wrote the names of all the items for me. An explained what each item was used for in the home or while farming.

I'm obsessed with the horreos and actually bought a figurine of one. I I was almost a German Shepherd's lunch yesterday for stopping long enough to shoot a pic of one with a date on it. I sat by the gal at Mass today that was walking by a the same time - by the way how does that happen? 500 people at Mass and we find each other. This has happened a thousand times on the Camino.

I've run into a handful people I met on the first part of the trip... how did we all get here at te same time? And then there's all the others I've met in the last week.

My last night here. Tomorrow night is bus sleeping.

Thanks to all who did and tried to join the webcam jam that was fun! (I'll add the video eventually!)

(From my Treo)

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