Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fast Forward

Listen Grasshopper and you shall learn.
No bus to where I wanted to go. I had briefly spoken to a girl who was going to Sarria. She bolted out of the bus station after going to the ticket counter.
When I found out that I could only go so far, I checked HER destination in my book. 2 days west. Ah hah! I went back to the counter and asked for her destination. I still got a "no" but got what I was looking for....why she left. The train! Then I had to find the station, which was easy by looking at the mapa outside the autobus estacion. A quick check in my phrasebook and I had the train schedule and ticket
The train doesn't leave for 6 hours and then has one change later in the day. So I'll cover two weeks of footwork today.
It is very cold here. Hearing utterances of snow. But the sky is clear. I bought pants last night so I'm ready should this become part of the adventure.
112 km to go! While I will have NOT done 800km, I will have over half. That is nearly 300 miles! Can you freaking believe it. At a miracle a day that isn't bad at all!

(From my Treo)


Anonymous said...

From the Desk of Mr Droopyface:
I knew your fellow pilgrims would always remember you. But I thought they'd remember you for your electromagnetic smile. Your effervescent spirt. Your contagious friendliness. Your ability to spin a map :p

I could never have imagined, though, that you go down in pilgrim memory as la mujer americana sin los pantalones, the American woman with no pants. ::whew:: So I'm glad you got pants.

I was in the middle of the mountains, in winter, and got separated from my little 12-man military unit on our nutzoid maneuvers. By the time I made it back to the camp, the camp had moved. And moved again. Through freezing rain and snow, I ran all night long to keep from freezing to death. I ran until I came upon some aggressors (enemy, in training terms) whom I ambushed and had sing cadence until my own 'force' heard the racket and I was 'rescued' with 6 'prisoners' in tow!! LOL

Lesson learned: Iffen ya get cold, walking and running can keep yer body temp up ;)

Thank God you gots pants. I'm hopin' they match your bag and shoes.

milestogo said...

Keep warm, keep going, the journey is importent. Each person, each step and the memories you collect and leave behind with those you meet.
All in All I have to agree with Mr. Droopyface. Pants are a good thing.

denise said...

300 Miles in less than three weeks??? That is freakin' awesome!!! Teri, you never cease to amaze me!