Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I went to the cathedral today. It has been spruced up to say the least....so beautiful. There were a couple of parts that were visible that had not yet been done....it was due for it´s facelift. It is impressive and very, breathtaking.

I needed some things in order to continue my journey. I DID NOT seek out the airport today as I was ready to do. I did get the bus schedule to Leon and from there will find something (donkey?) that will take me to the finishing line starting point.

Because I have to haul all my shopping treasures (no Paul) there a few things I have purchased. Along the Nativity line I have two that I´ve collected along the way....a postcard of a nativity scene and the tiniest nativity scene I´ve ever set eyes on. Smaller than a thimble full of the familia and 2 donkeys.

Thanks to my "almost bailed again" supporters and the peregrinos who show up just in time and know just what to say ¨you´ll be in Santiago inside of a week - how wonderful!¨ I get all the comments you´ve all posted on here. They are my strength and either end my day filled with joy or start my morning with smiles and hugs. I love you all so very, very much. And I truly think of you every inch of the way!

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