Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alto de Perdon

Alto de Perdon is the mountain range just after Pamplona. It is where the famed windmills are perched (there are more places in Spain, but this is the "big one"). It is also where the Pilgrim memorial for Navarra is located. As you can see, I'm part of the pack!

The climb from the Pamploma valley is long and longer to get to the top. This is where Aleix got his "turbo" and I lot him but met up with Denise again! Remember, she's the gal I met at the airport and train station? She started her camino a day sooner than I did, so I hadn't seen her for awhile. We ran into each other again a few days later, then again a few after that. Right place, right time happened so many times on this trip. It was erie.

And after you bust your you-know-what to get to the memorial and the windmills....down you go. This is a picture of "the other side" . That's Denise heading down. I liked her attitude...."I'm not getting any further just standing here."
After abajo (down) I was at Eunate.

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