Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adios Santiago de Compostela

I'm at the bus station, leaving in about an hour for Madrid. What a beautiful adventure this has been. I read my journal today and even with "re-living" it, it doesn't seem real.

I never felt alone on the Camino even though most of the 270+ miles were solo. Faith and my friends & kids back home filled my heart and my head. I feel absolutely isolated in the fact that so few people in the US have done this and I feel like I have a big fat secret. I'm not sure I will ever be able to adequately share the mystery (without sounding like a lunatic).

I had too much time on my hands today and found an antique bookstore. My achilles heel. I found the Codex Calixtinus in Spanish, a perfect, unworn copy. (I'm always carting books home!) The shopkeeper gave me a 1911 printing of Austen's Persuasion (Spanish) as a gift.

I went to the Cathedral early this morning to offer my thanks for the Camino, Nora, Dwight's healing, my friends, family, etc. I saw the full moon set and the sun rise. I sat on the church steps and felt the sun's warmth and later the heavy clouds racing by overhead. I watched the pilgrims arrive, seeking the church and pilgrim's office as I had.

Every day I loved greeting the elderly locals in Spanish and watching their faces light up in surprise.

Yes world, I am the luckiest girl alive and I give much thanks!

(From my Treo)

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Curtis C. DT said...

What a great adventure Teri! Madrid sounds like a great place to end your Odyssey. Although this is not politically correct these days, I always thought seeing a bull fight there would be quite an experience. Antique books are compelling and engaging aren't they. What a neat gift from the Antique dealer. Have a safe trip back Treo.