Sunday, September 16, 2007

San Juan de Ortega

I didn't feel like stopping at noon today so.....24 km today. Glad I didn't stop or I would have wasted the forest shade on a morning. And....I caught up with Juergen by making it here.

Just patted the famed Calixto the dog, who picks pilgrims to walk with. He smells like a donkey!

This priest, photographed with Juergen, was integral in getting the Camino revived. After Mass, he serves garlic soup to the pilgrims - a well known ritual for pilgrims.
One note I need to add here (November). The accomodations here are not as "pristine" as other places you may have or have yet to stay. In fact some guidebooks will say there is no hot water. If you truly faint of heart - I'd recommend going on. There is a great restaurant/bar attached to the property with some really cheap, but good wine. There is no village to visit - you are there for the evening. My wonderful friendship with Juergen was forged here. I met him earlier, but the afternoon and evening spent together, going to mass and walking the next days built a bond we won't soon let slide

That said I would stay there again. And I recommend it for the fact he has worked hard to restore the Camino and actually the unkempt conditions are probably what pilgrims of the past had to endure.

Back to September's post: Not much to report other than distance. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will have my exit strategy. It changes daily so I have no clue what the "final answer" will be. Jeopardy music here.

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Anonymous said...

::Mr Droopyface ponders::
EXIT STRATEGY Your exit strategy is attached to you, just below the ankles. They be your feet. So borrow a Sharpie. On your left foot, write "EXIT" and on your right foot write "STRATEGY." God, nutrition, rest, prayer, focus, self-will and determination will do the rest. And remember, St. James didn't walk it. He was carried ;) and maybe even carted. YOU'RE DOING GREAT, TERI!! YOU *GO* GIRL!!

outdoortrainergirl said...

I second Mr Droopyface.....Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll make it! We're all behind you.

Anonymous said...

Princess: It seems to me that you are having the experience of a lifetime. I expect that you will find the strength to persevere and move on. Remember it is a journey unlike any other and there will be kindness and beauty in every town and around every turn. You deserve no less!