Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

Tomorrow (i honestly don't know what day of the week it is) I start the last 100 km (Dwidget I think has the inches and EXACT mileage) of the remaining Road to Santiago. I'm going to do it at my pace, listening to my breathing and my feet, and my heart. I only say it this way because all my Camino friends are behind me, finding their way. They have lit my path and now it is mine alone to complete - with their love and yours surrounding me.

I passed some beautiful scenery today on the train. I know I'll return to do this some more and again. This is peace. I have found me.

Sometime between know and then I'll find the Santiago webcam site so I can coordinate a time to wave at all of you!

(From my Treo)


Anonymous said...

Mr Droopyface quotes the now trousers-bearing peregrina, La Walky Woman de los Pyrenees:

(Dwidget I think has the inches and EXACT mileage) of the remaining Road to Santiago

[Yes. He does. Cuz Google just told him.]

Oh. And it's Thursday as you're reading this. Really. Sure, it is :: evil laugh ::

Diana said...

Where are you at this exact moment, I ponder (Utah word) because I can't sleep. Maybe you are hiking. Maybe you are on the bus.

Wherever you are, whomever you are with, I'm so proud of you for coming to your decision. Because you are Teri, my friend, the decider.

Either way your decision went, I'd be proud. Because you are Teri, my loving and devoted friend. (And seems like I have lots of company!)

You have the will and determination to do anything you choose. You are Teri, my strong friend.

With much admiration for you and anticipation of the BIG hug we'll share upon your return.

May peace be with you, love surround you and Spanish flow from your lips.

Anonymous said...

See, Diana? That's the diff between you and me (Mr Droopyface). I've HEARD the girl's Spanish. I'm kinda hopin' it's the fruit-of-the vine flowing from her lips. The Pope (and prolly St James) would prolly frown if Teri didn't ensure the wine's fit for sacramental use in the Roman church, lol.

On a serious'er note, I second your emotion about our amiga.

Gotta tell ya, I laughed aloud when I read "the decider." And chuckled, again, just typing it. The girl's got gumption. Teri the Traipser is my folk-hero of the day. And prolly will be tomorrow, too.

Readin' the birdy-chirp stuff in the post above, I'm thinkin' Las Vegas better lay down a (betting) line (odds) of our Prancer-with-Pants-Her becoming a Franciscan Nun when her secular career's over....