Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Santiago Dias Dos

I'm keeping close to the Cathedral today - it is very much a CamIno area and let's me hang on just a bit. I love my room and the fact it is in the heart of it all.

I did laundry this morning for the last time by hand. I took that in too.

I bought probably the last amount of mystery food from te trip - looked a bit like potato salad. It was that and more! It included tuna, surimi, green olives, egg, carrots, corn, peas and God knows what else. I found my beloved cookies yesterday on the way into the city. I have to be careful now, I can't keep eating like a pilgrim. I'm not walking 10-20 miles a day!

I have my bus ticket o Madrid for tomorrow night and Friday afternoon I fly home. PS Delta has been WONDERFUL to me on this whole trip. 

My three days in Santiago will have been a wonderful, relaxing ending to the experience of a lifetime!

See you at the fountain in a few!

(From my Treo)


Anonymous said...

am not correcting but enlightening ie. educating you Ms Pilgrim-alum: Unless I'm mistaken and them people in Pto Vallarta lied, it's "El Dia Segundo" (the 2nd day) LOL. This is ONLY proffered because you ain't outta Spain YET! If someone else here speaks better fast food drive-thru than I do, pls inform! Happy home-fly, Teri. Travel tip: burn them clothes and shoes before boarding. --Droops

Anonymous said...

Buen camino Teri!

denise said...

Shoot, if I had looked at your blog first thing this morning I would have joined you...looks like I am 1 1/2 hours sorry. Have a great trip home!