Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My apologies for yesterday. I was staying in a stone building and lost my connection. I thought I had lost my camera (found it in the pack) so there are no pictures between Roncevalles and Pamplona. This picture is Joop and Harald discussing where we should seek out the vino in one of the plaza majors in Pamplona. Harold and I crossed paths (many times really freakily - like I'd walk out of a building and he'd be standing in front of it) right up until Burgos when I jetted ahead to Sarria.

I stayed in the new alburque in Pamplona: Jesus y Maria. Muy Buen! Joop and Aleix are here. They and some Germans have made me the princess of the Camino and are disappointed I won't give them more stories to tell!

I'm partiial to the Basque pimientos (red peppers). Some things now are in my head in Spanish - after just two days of being in Spain! And I learned to order a sandwich as Bocadillo doesn't cut it.

I have met no Americans. Aleix has spoken rapid Spansh to me for several days (since St. Jean). He never gets impatient. "Como se dice" ("how do you say" in Spanish) and point and I get my new word of the hour. Aleix is my frequent bunk partner (don't read more into that than there is). NOTE: After Pamplona Aleix got his turbo pilgrim power and I didn't see him again until I motored forward out of Estella to Los Arcos. There, he had his new friends work on bending my boots to break them in for me.

A few blisters, a couple of aches, no ibuprophen needed yet. Yoga yay!

We started to head in the wrong direction early on in Pamplona today. A man shouted, grabbed Aleix's pack and turned us to the right.

I've seen more men in their underwear in four days than in my ENTIRE life. And a few lilly whites arses hanging out the shower. I brought my sarong and clothes pins with hooks!

Off to the Cathedral and some vino tinto (red wine - wine here is less than a $1 a glass and cheaper than water)!

What a beautiful city! I have seen where the bulls run for San Fermin.

Much love!

(From my Treo)

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