Saturday, September 01, 2007

No Place To Crash

No room in SJPP sleeping in gym at JaiAlai court. I won't shower because the other women are still out and door doesn't lock. Can you say donkey already?

Poles won't arrive until tomorrow PM. I can't start until Monday. OK though, will let the crowds thin out and I can explore this beautiful hamlet. Another day in France! I already found the cemetery.

Ate Basque tonight. The best fish in red peppers, green beans, frits, wine and a fresh French restaurant owner who plied me with an apple appertif and offered "chateau him".

School just filled up with Brazilians. Chantrelle, the hospitalrio, laughed and said I was one lucky girl!.

Met a WONDERFUL Irish woman named Denise at the Bayonne train station (I took a picture of her at the Bairritz station though - she looked so freaked out. She was afraid to start. We're strong, mad (as in crazy) women we decided and on we go. She bought drinks in Bayonne. She has the first set of footprints.

Most important today: I got my first sello (stamp) with 9/1 as starting my camino. It couldn't have been more important than to have it be THIS day.

(From my Treo)

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