Tuesday, September 25, 2007

iPods on the Camino

1. Because the sleeping arrangements are so public you really have to take all your electronics to bed with you.
2. If the nearby bunkmate is noisy, you'll break an eardrum with the iPod before you can drown them out.
3. Music can put a nice punch to your pace, but you just get hungrier sooner and then have to STOP and get food out of your pack.
4. Miracles of Santiago and John Denver's nature and love songs are great for "the hike".
5. I had several clocks for the various timezones. It was nice coming home to know Spain, East Coast and Mountain Time.

But...where it was almost a catastrophy was when I was near Santiago and I was be bopping along. I jumped out of the way because I thought a car was bearing down on my behind. It was loud and fast! It wasn't a car it was a jet...we were were next to a runway that was obscured by a little forest. Thought I was toast there for a moment!!

(From my Treo)

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