Friday, September 14, 2007


This is the place and the people that took such good care of me the day I heard about Ray passing away. I had heard that Granon was a special place to stay. I had no idea how special it would be for ME!

Jerry walked me to the door that morning and handed me a prayer card. He doesn't know how much it meant to me - the times I walked with him were so special. I will never look at a rose the same way again. I swear that everyday after we parted a rose presented itself to me. I came home to mine, unattended for a month, blooming in full glory! (Jerry, I didn't get your email - let me know how you're doing!)

Zammy was my mat mate that night - he is Israeli. We talked at length about his ideas for ecumenical peace and understanding. I like his ideas! I wish I could talk to him more! La kayim!

Javier and Rosa pulled me in, let me cry, let me work, let me sit, let me help. I will be forever indebted to their hospitality and love.

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