Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Have Issues

I'm home. It's 4:30 am in the morning here (UTAH) and I'm wide awake because it is 12:30 pm there (SPAIN). You'd think after being in bus stations and airports for 48 hours I'd want to sleep, but I don't, I want to walk. My body is literally aching to propel itself forward and make distance somewhere.

I've been unpacking, happily putting this away upstairs and that away downstairs and up and down and up and down. My house has become a Teri treadmill! (Or Teri has become a gerbil.) I'm still thinking to myself in Spanish. And I do realize this awake stint has to last in until 9pm or so tonight (UTAH). No siestas for this girl.

I tried to put one of my dress pumps on - hahaha. I won't be doing the "proper" shoe thing at work for a few days. It will be ahwile before I can be Cinderella.

I have some walking things I can do today...wash the car (boy does it get dirty sitting in the carport for a month), walk to the runners store (that sounded funny) and thank them for their assistance with stuff for the trip and walk to the outdoors store and RAVE to the man that sold me my pack and later helped adjust it. That pack was totally an appendage of me during the trip. It carried a great load at times and very, very well.

My hiking sticks made it back to the US. The other things in the box (which I smartly put in a plastic bag) had leaked and melted all to heck. I didn't even try to work with them - straight into the trash. My hiking stick from Spain made it to Newark, but not to Salt Lake City. I PRAY that they find it and get it to me. This stick was the saving grace of my trip.

This weekend I plan to PARTY with my friends (they had one ready for my arrival until my plane was way way way delayed), fix the spelling errors and update this site with some details that were too cumbersome to outline on the Treo and of course, add pictures!, chat with the kids and Julie and little Miss Nora.

I keep wanting to eat, eat, eat. Gonna have to nip that in the bud starting NOW! I made coffee - yuck. Get this, I sit down to look up a recipe of the tortilla de patatas that I fell in love with and Pieter had just posted it in the last few days. No hunting there. I went on and hunted down some other tapas recipes. I promised the wine club that I would do the honors in Oct. or Nov. and we'd have a Spain theme. I'm ready!

Happiness: Toilet paper and hair conditioner and water in a glass.


denise said...

Good to hear you feet are again on American soil. WELCOME HOME!!! I so enjoyed reading your blog during your trip...laughing and crying my way through are indeed a very special woman Theresa and I'm proud to call you my friend.


Heather said...


I am so glad that I finally got a chance to read your blogs. I feel really bad that I did not watch this while you were gone. I could give a couple reasons why I didn't, but after a trek like what you have just done, it all seems so trivial. I am so glad that you did not give up. I am so proud of you and you are such a spokesperson for making one's dreams a reality. I try to emulate your strength and integrity everyday. I think about you and this wonderful journey whenever I feel like school and work are going to get the best of me. What a sense of accomplishment. Congratulations, way to go!!!!