Friday, September 21, 2007


OK boys time for a chat. The only Speedo exceptions are lovers and Hawaiian beaches (where everyone is stuffed onto a too small unflattering swim suit).

Share my vision folks: between 10 and 100 men every night and most are running around in their skivvies. Now imagine Hagreth (sp Harry Potter) and Jack Sprat wndering by, lower bunk eye level. See what I mean? It is a bit disconcerting when one of the wearers is your bunkmate and you've only just met over unpacking you mochillas.

OK so the view is sometme OK, but the math favors "eeeew".

(From my Treo)

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milestogo said...

To much information? It's hard to avoid when its up close and personal. Here is what you do Think of the birds, flowers and lots of pebbles..... Little bags full of pebbles.

There is always tomorrow and with luck fewer pebbles. Smile and be happy.