Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm A Big Girl Now!

I found the tourist office. I got the bus schedule and had the lady mark rhe station on the map. I walked there this afternoon Jurgen insisted on going. (I insisted on navigating). He sggested I buy my ticket today (Good idea!). He got made because someone stepped in front of me. It was for a bs leaving in a few minutes. I told him it was OK and he reminded himself we're on the Camino. As I got to the counter I blocked his access to the counter andexplained, in Spanish, that I spoke only a little Espanol and had written the time and destination down. I had successfully requested my own bus ticket!.

Because I need to be there so early tomorrow and it isn't on the camino route where there will be a lot of pilgrims roaming about early, Jurgen will walk me to the station and then restart his camino on foot.

(From my Treo)


Patrick said...

I enjoy to read your diary Teri. It makes me remember so much! I'm longing back to Santiago. It doesn't matter how long you are walking.
The important thing is to live the steps you are taking. And I see
that's what you are doing and I feel happy for you. Go on writing from you heart!

Curtis said...

Teri, not sure this posted so here goes again. you're doing great! The boys in CSC say hello. Like most CSC issues we're a bit slow responding :>). But better late than never right. Enjoy the bus ride and the scenery.You've done a remarkable thing. We wish yoiu the best.
Curtis, Kent Doug