Monday, September 03, 2007


In Roncesvalles last night. (Wikipedia notes that in the year 2002 the population of Roncesvalles was 27. Then note that AT LEAST 120 people sleep there each night.) An alburgue of 120. THE SNORER that was in my room the night before was at the front of the room and I slept like a baby. This is what the "daily accomodations" look like on the Camino.

Yesterday was misty and foggy, which upset a lot of people. I like fog. I did not see Pyrenees scenery for all but five minutes in the afternoon, but I was reminded of hiking in Washington. This picture is of me, in the Pryenees, in the fog at the France/Spain border.

Friends: Denise, English living in Ireland; Eva, Sweden; and Joop (pronounced "Yope") from Netherlands.

Lots of stories to tell!

Wikipedia sobre Roncesvalles:

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Heather said...

Your love for foggy (froggy) days has rubbed off. Any time I wake up and see fog I get excited and think of you. Yay!!