Monday, July 30, 2007

My Treasure

My travel treasure for my Camino is awash with symbolism of my life. Let me tell you the story.

My forever friend Jules (seems like we've been friends forever) travels a lot. She visited Rome a few years back. Her comment the particular week they were there was "you couldn't have swung a cat without hitting a priest or a nun. Why? Here's the rest of the story...By accident (I kid you not) she ended up at/in the Beatification Mass for Mother Teresa. She and her husband took the shorter line to get into St. Peters and well people at the entry didn't "card her", ask for her invitation. Their packs got searched and they were ushered in to THE MASS. Did I mention, they're not Catholic. This lays the groundwork for what I'm taking.

I'll lay the groundwork for what I'm not taking. I have a rosary collection. I have one I always travel with too. But I can't decide which is "worthy" of this trip.

In addition to the silver rosary Jules brought back for me (unbeknownst that I had always wanted one, but never got one) she brought back a little commemorative chaplet...a mini rosary comprised of just one decade set and an addtional bead. This is going with me.

The chaplet is made of rosewood, which is what my first rosary was made of (which is my travel rosary is made off) - the scent reminds me of my mother and keeps the Holy Mother in my mind's presence. The crucifix is a replica of the crucifix Pope John Paul II had on his staff. I loved Pope John Paul dearly. The center piece has a picture of Mother Teresa. Not only did I admire her, I visited one of the Sisters Of Charity's (her Order) orphanages when I last built houses in Mexico. (I am signed up to go build again next year). I suspect, but do not know for sure that the chaplet was blessed by Pope John Paul II.

This little chaplet will have traveled from Rome, to Colorado, to Utah, to France, to Santiago de Compostela. The spirits (and I hope, the Faith) of Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Charlemagne, San Guillén and Santa Felicia (the latter three in my bloodline), St. Francis of Assisi, St. James (who have all traveled this road except Mother Teresa)l and my friend, Jules will all be traveling with me. My merry band.

My pink Bronco hat is going too.

D's sending something special too - I can't wait to see what it will be. I have many special things he's picked out for me decorating my home. Having a bit of him on the trip is only natural.

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