Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Things Find Me - II

I decided that if I was going to carry fleece, I was going to have it in a size that worked for me. I bought 3 yards today. That's 9 feet of yummy. I can wrap my toes double and I can double up on my shoulders or hide my head. When I feel vulnerable I wrap up in fleece. This will truly be a comfort and a necessity.

While I was snuggling my acquisition in the cutting line, a light bulb went off. The posting boards all complain about the crackling of zip locks in the early morning hours. How else would one separate, but contain everything in this day and age? I've looked and looked for bags that would keep my things sorted - I found a few, but.....I can make fleece draw string bags in the sizes that I need very easily. So....I swung by Walmart and found fleece remnants. With ribbon for the draw string and a teeny amount of cutting and sewing, I'll have about 8-10 fleece bags for about $3.00. I can write on them or using some duck tape or medical tape label them with the contents. vitamins and calcium are the chewy kind...A month's worth would be weighty and take up a lot of space and...possibly melt. I was thinking I needed to change brands now to make sure I didn't encounter any allergies with the switch. But the company that makes what I take now, just came out with tablets, in a small jar, with almost exactly the right count of both, that I need for the trip. I won't not take them - I'm sure that the bruise that lingers on my leg would have been a break had I not been doing the calcium thing.

D's sending me a "something" to carry.

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