Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I sat in the park across the street from my house last night and worked on adding notes in my guide and on my maps of which little hamlet to plan to stay in on this night or next. I have collected "must sees" ffrom other peregrinos/peregrinas for about eight months now. I'm going town by town and making notes. (All the sites I mentioned a few posts before have this information).

The last few days have been interesting - I've met up with a 62 or so year old woman from South Africa who will be starting her 3rd 500 mile Camino about the same time as I will - I hope to meet up with her along the way - she's been very helpful.

In my heart I'm so ready to go. I have things still to tend to at home and at work before I leave and that is carrying me forward to the date.

I am still very overwhelmed about actually having this come together. I still remember thinking how anyone could "get away from work" to do this. I thought all either had to be retired, unemployed and/or independently wealthy.

I am proof that with hope in your heart, saving just a few dollars a week, patience and faith that it IS POSSIBLE that it can come to pass.

I suppose that having a strong support team helps, but even if I didn't, I don't see how I would have let this pass me by. The warm fuzzies and patient listening while I work all the things out, out loud (after they've rattled around in my head), has been very helpful. My family? Well - the kids are strong supporters (following in Mom's steps could be fun)! The rest? They think I'm nuts.

It's a pilgrimage - it's a faith venture! Before I take a single step in France or Spain - it has already proven itself. It has all come together. What more could you ask?

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