Sunday, July 22, 2007


As I logged into my blog just now I noticed my counter. I'm at 39 days and less than 1000 hours. Holy cow.

I didn't walk this weekend. I meant to start early yesterday and slept until 9:30 - meaning I needed the rest more than I needed the walk. I spent the night at a friend's last night (bear country) so I didn't feel like wandering around there this morning.

Because of my work travel in August, I won't be seeing my wine club pals until probably October, maybe November!! We've all become very close. They're a very diverse group and all very interested in my journey, so I have them on my blog address list. Since we only meet once a month, not seeing them for a few months is rather disconcerting!

I'm off now to get the last few things I need. Later this afternoon, I'll pack everything up and see how much I need to primitive I'll let myself be.

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions, concerns and support. I'm getting nervous now - I would say this is so not like me to do a trip like this - but the mere fact I'm doing it is saying that this IS me. And me can do anything she sets her mind to - I've done that a thousand times. This is just one more flower in the vase!


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