Friday, July 13, 2007

The Top Ten Things To Learn In Spanish Class Before The Camino

The Top Ten Things To Learn In Spanish Class Before The Camino
10. I need batteries.
9. Ten bucks for a Gatorade!? Gimme a beer.
8. Has the mud ever been this deep?
7. I don’t shower with men.
6. No, I’m sitting here waiting for the ice cream truck.
5. I didn’t know people drank from this fountain. It sure looked like a foot-soak to me.
4. Do you have earplugs? The Italian guy in the next bunk is snoring.
3. Touch my boobs or butt [edited] again and I SWEAR I’ll slay you in the Name of Jesus.
2. That smell isn’t the pasture, it’s the socks dangling from my pack.
And the number one phrase to learn in Spanish:
1. Give me all the M&M’s in the store or your children will go blind and get leprosy.


Anonymous said...

Didn't I use the word a s s in No. 3 to mean the burro you will inevitably corner and lasso to relieve you of your pack if only for a short stint?

Since this is supposed to be a somewhat Spiritual blog, I'll confess: I meant hiney. Derriere. Pooper.

Avoid the burros, and you'll avoid this: "HEY! Anyone see an ass about this big galloping along with a lime green backpack!? NO! A four-legged one! PLEASE. I have Euros!"

:: note to self :: Mebbe I shoulda used a Spanish word (for her to look up) well... like nalgas. It woulda had an educational benefit, and sho woulda been able to see her Spanish teacher blush -30-

Teri said...

Good to know you have my backside covered - from all angles and multiple languages!!