Sunday, July 29, 2007

El Cebrero / O Cebreiro

This is a place I will be visiting. The miracle that occured here is of great interest to me spiritually:

(My description is from The Pilgrimage, written by Paulo Coelho). Mass was being celebrated by a monk who was almost completely lacking in faith and who ridiculed a farmer for having made the effort he did in coming to Mass in such inclement weather (this is near the highest point of the Camino - weather is challenging year round). At the moment of consecration the host had actually been transformed into the body of Christ and the wine into His blood. The relics are displayed in the church. It is considered a treasure greater than all the riches of the Vatican. The author of the book was led to the church by a lamb and it moved me so much I planned to hunt the church down even if it meant going off the trail. But…..I don’t have to – it is in a hamlet I’ll be staying in.

This is how the Camino calls to me.

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