Monday, July 30, 2007

Flights Out

My only "panic" left was figuring out how to get from SdC to Madrid. Do I book now, do I book when I get there? Do I want more time in SdC if I have it? Do I want to see Madrid if I can? What if I don't get to SDC when I think I will, etc., etc.

I posted once and was given an airline name that didn't do that route. Today I searched on my own and found some companies, but I was also going to be bopped aruond 3 stops in Spain. If I can walk it in a month, I'd think we could avoid a 3-hopper. I can do that in the states with a really obsure location and I couldn't do the AT in 6 months (2000 miles). A kind person on the board gave me the name of Spanair.

Bingo - you won't believe how much I have to pay though.... 4 Euro. That's right about $6. Now there is the $16 in taxes and $10 service fee - 30 Euro or about $45 isn't bad. And...I can book the flight when I get to SDC without worry...or for me too much worry!

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