Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking Is A Disease

One of my Camino groups had this posted:

"I believe you have mis-diagnosed your condition. Long-distance walkingis a disease. The sufferer is terminally infected with one exposure.For victims of this disease, the horizon is always there, quietlytaunting. [NAME], who participates here, is an admitted victim. Iam an old man with physical infirmities. I dream almost constantly of walking next year from Oslo to Santiago de Compostela. If I can find the money, I will do it. On the Via de la Plata, I met several victims who do nothing but walk. Walking became their lives."

I distinctly remember walking my first real mile and then two and I leave in 31 days to 500. As long as I can see the destination (even if it is futher than my vision), I can get there.

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