Sunday, July 22, 2007

Frustration and Joy

I tested packing today. Arrrggghhh!!!!

I travel for my work and I have choices. Small suitcase, carry on, how much do I want to lift over my head for ten seconds each direction? Large suitcase, check, let someone else lift it? I have a luggage rack with a suitcase that has all my essentials ready to go. When I get home from a trip I refill it and I'm good to go next time. This is a whole new world for me.

First, there's all kinds of advice. It's all based on experience - other people's (like 1200 years' worth). I have this gene that always has to push its way out that insists that while "you" might have done this before, I'm pretty sure my idea will work too/instead/better, etc. (Please stop laughing D-you're going to hurt yourself). I'm having a hard time relinquishing the "think" on this and I'm sure I'm over engineering it.

I realized today that haven't a flipping clue on how to pack a backpack for more than an afternoon's excursion - which normally consists of water, food, a jacket, and something to deal with a headache and maybe blood.

I carefully bought fleece to be my blanket, instead of a sleeping bag. Now where in the heck does one store it or a sleeping bag for that matter? I have my backup stuff in a very small bag (meaning I'm not overpacking the "just in cases". I do want to take two spare pairs of shoes, but I'm beginning to think that one spare pair are going to have to do it - with some duck tape if I have a blow out).

I tested my fleece today with my silk sleeping bag - fell right asleep on the floor. This is good news - I know I'll sleep well - wherever.

I was having a hard time finding the last few things I needed this weekend. But then they started presenting themselves. I needed a bandana, some handkerchiefs (so I'm environmentally conscious), some rope, etc. I have this most wonderfully soft black long-sleeved t-shirt. I want a white one to take with me. I cannot find anything that even remotely resembles its fit nor comfort. I even checked on line at the yoga studio, in Minneapolis, where I bought it. All they have is black.

Some great news, my credential for my alberque stamps was mailed Friday :) This is my pilgrim's passport so I can get my compostela at the end.

OK - enough ranting. I do have 39 days to figure this out. Maybe I'll hike naked and know that my blankie will fit. ;)

Postscript....I decided to stuff everything I could into the pack - at least see if I could get it to fit and how much "it weighed". I got most of the stuff in that I have rounded up so far), but it is already 10 pounds over weight. Which means with the stuff that I didn't have in the room - I'm about double what I can take in weight. Either that or I need to hit the Krispie Kremes and double my weight and well...that won't work either. I did however, take some time tonight to learn how to pack the pack. So....once I trim my load - at least I'll know how to load it up. Wish me luck.

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