Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well Wishers

More and more people are asking me about my trip. I think they are as incredulous as I am that it is actually going to happen. The questions vary. I think I get the mostly about the amount of time I spend walking. (When was the last time YOU walked to get 22 lbs of groceries?) (My mom and I used to always do it - we didn't have a car :=)

There's a lot of joy being shared about it - and for that I'm grateful. Every question means that someone cares. And there's a lot of caring people out there.

Funny - I have an extended family group - friends, husband's family, and cousins of in-laws that I have connected with. We've become a tight bunch. My own family though has actually used the word "crazy" and hasn't really given my plans much credence. On one hand I'm sad, but on the other - oh well. I am my mother's daughter and of my grandfather's and great aunt's gene pool. Glad they bunched up in me! And to my Native American Great Grandmother (I'm guessing where that line crossed) - thank you for infusing the love of nature and the guts to follow my heart. I wish I knew the "language" to thank you properly.

Thanks to you all - keep chanting "don't take it" and I'll actually get the pack down in weight. I'll thank you every step of the way - literally.

Love you all!

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