Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marina Sums It Up

I don't know Marina, but she just finished the Camino and blogged her adventure. She wrapped up her account with this moving finish:

"All that I learned on this trip I value, but what I will never forget is how impossible the distance once seemed. With one glance at a map, I felt like I would never arrive.

"But I did arrive. With one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, I made it. Life often can be harsh, stubborn, or present us with difficult and challenging situations. The important thing to remember is that in all of us lies the power to overcome; no matter how scary or impossible something seems. Stop, breathe, rest for a minute, and take each hurdle at a time. Like this, you too will arrive to your Santiago."

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Marina said...

Hi Teri,

I read your comment the other day and got really excited to hear that you are about to begin your camino.

The journey is a priceless experience and you are in for one great walk. Be prepared to meet people from all over the world speaking all kinds of languages, and be especially ready to deal with your feet.

My advice to you on feet is to rub vasoline on them 2-3 times a day (this will prevent blisters before they happen) and to wear 2 kinds of socks... one super thin pair (hielo in spanish) and one thick cotton pair.

Also make sure you have at least one walking stick to take the pressure off your knees. Yet if they do hurt buy a cream or gel form of Arnica (a homiopathic tool) which is the "secret" of the camino. massage it into your knee(s) 2-3 a day and you will notice a huge difference.

I am so excited for you! and will keep reading your blog for updates.

Buen Camino!!!!