Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Gift of Feet

I received my camino gift today. I received lots of feet! My long time dearest sent me feet/footstep pins to give to people I meet along the camino - what a fabulous idea! I put my email on the back of the packet so I can stay in touch with those I offer the pin to.

Oh the meaning - All the steps of the camino, I dearly love the poem about footprints in the sand (I'm going to need some carrying, Lord), and of course, this way, he'll be walking every step of the way with me.

On the way too is a St. James Medal. I don't have one and I wanted one. Of course, he knew that. My home is graced with Saints thanks to him: St. Terese, St. Francis of Assisi and now St. James.
How fitting - so very very fitting!

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Anonymous said...

Pssst! It's "footPRINTS" although it's completely understandable your training and focus is on 844,800 foot STEPS... ARRGH! It gave me a chuckle 'cuz I know it was just simple elation of my gesture that caused the oopsie.

You caught it in the 2nd paragraph, but it did elicit a smile and chuckle.

Am glad to know the medal arrived.

vaya con Dios