Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today's First Walk

I was thinking this morning while I was out walking of how much "training" I've done for this trip.

Two years ago I tracked my mileage with my pedometer. Over 1100 miles. That is the same distance as walking from my house to Minneapolis. Walked there....

Last year I HIKED every weekend. Biggies, all season long. I'd say I probably did about the same. I did not track mileage. Walked back.......

It is 2040 miles from Provo to Key West....2130 to Cuba.

As Dwight said earlier this week WALK Teri WALK!

This year I've done 5-10 miles every weekend - more or less. No real hiking as my hiking buds have been scattered. Only a couple hikes up Timp trail and the slot canyons trip. (Bears and fires oh my). But I'll have 500 behind me in a few weeks.

I can remember when walking around the golf course in Port Orchard was a chore and that was two miles. And then I started doing it twice a day and then Jazzercise once or twice a day, and then walking to work from the ferry in Seattle, and on my trips and up to the mountains in Payson and up the mountains here.

Yes, it has been a journey getting to now. One step at a time. I feel a Dr. Seuss-type book coming on.

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