Thursday, August 30, 2007

And She's Off!

I leave in just a few minutes to head to up SLC for the night. I'll be off on my adventure tomorrow morning.

Friends and Family: Take care of each other for me while I'm gone. I will miss you dearly.

For the iron cross I have: The music Dwight sent me with and his prayer request, a teeeeeeny little cross from Randi, a tatted cross made by Louise's aunt, wedding rocks from Blaine and Diana's wedding and also from Mike and Moira's wedding, a few little rocks from the magic egg, a picture of my brother who is ill and a tiny scallop shell for me.

And my little faith helpers: a teeeeeny angel from Randi, tatted crosses for Randi, Diana and me to take and bring back from Louse, the rosary Julie gave me; patches, music, footprints and the St. James medal from Dwight, my scallop shell and a rock that Father Dennis gave me very long time ago.

Bye everyone - wish me luck!

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