Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trip Partner

Several people have said "oh I'd love to go with you". I've responded the same to all - come on! None have, nor did I suspect they would/could. It's taken me several years to bring this all together.

Last year though, my boyfriend/soulmate/etc./etc., who is also Catholic, had said he would join me for part of the trip. We figured out the beginning would be the best as I didn't know when I would actually hit "the end". Unfortunately, we only got as far as saying it, walking about a total of 10 miles together and trying on rucksacks. We aren't together any more. We hardly even speak even though there's no bad juju between us.

This is the only real cloud for me. I was really looking forward to us sharing this experience together. I wish I could tell him about my thoughts, plans, jitters, triumphs. He, I feel/felt was the only one who understood the spiritual drive that is fueling me.

Team Teri is providing cheers and encouragment. I'm just sometimes sad because there was one person in the whole wide world that I thought might actually get off the plane(s, s, s, s) with me and enter my special world with me. And it isn't going to happen.