Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Every Day

Every day I find myself stronger and more anxious to be on my way. I'm glad I still have the summer in front of me to prepare. I will be ready. I will be wide eyed and I promise to take in every emotion, every vision, every little thing that is waiting to be seen and experienced.

I am walking longer with less fatigue. I'm browning up nicely so daily sun will not conquer me. I have a packing list a mile long that I know will be trimmed nicely by the time I leave. I do not fear what I don't know.

Every day that I feel tired or challenged on the road - I will know that my friends and family will be thinking of me and that I can call upon their strength to make it to my daily destination. This is the greatest adventure of my life. It started as someone else's story in a book, grew to a whisper, evolved as a wish, became a hope, and then began shouting loudly and pushed me from behind and will now become MY story. MY life.

Many, many of my dreams have come true. I learned long ago to wish to my heart's desire - because it worked - wishes do come true - you only have to dare to believe they can.

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