Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Information Age

I have Internet Posting notes dating back March - October (about 153 still to review) from one site and there's yet another site that I have started scraping information off of and I already have 18 pages of typewritten notes.

From those notes I'll add notes to my guide book/packing lists.

Imagine for a minute what this journey would have been like 1200 years ago or so. The trail was there, the feet were there, the inns were there. But how would you have gotten to the starting locale or known what to see when you passed "that" village.

I'm getting information about what alberques are dirty and where the little old lady is that will have a hot crepe ready to stuff into my mouth for a Euro. I know where the baby cranes are in the cathedral tower. I know if there will be mud on the trail tomorrow because it rained last week and hasn't dried out.

So old will meet new and I will be in the crosshairs. What a great place to be!