Friday, June 01, 2007

2007 Pilgrim Guide

My 2007 Pilgrim's Guide arrived today. I bought one a couple of years ago - when I started noodling this trip around. The one I received today is THE ONE. It will be my map, my places to see guide, and most importantly - where to stay. Evey little hamlet along the way is listed.

I also ordered a scallop shell pin. It is the replica of what pilgrims used to receive from the cathedral at the completion of their journey. These days the Compostela is given out at the cathedral.

The only trip piece left to receive is my Credential - the book that I will have stamped all along the way that shows that I did the El Camino de Santiago as defined. This will allow me to receive my Compostella and indulgences at the pearly gates. I will receive this next month.