Saturday, June 30, 2007


I loaded up 15+ lbs. of stuff in my pack and hiked this morning. I did about 6 miles. I have a good pack and it set well. My ankle talked to me a little bit - but I think we can work it out before September :) (Sunday I had my pack up to 20 lbs. {thanks to the brick] and did 3 more miles).

The pack I bought is great - a girl cut. I have full arm movement with out bumping behind me. I can keep my speed up at 3 mph even with it at full weight. Very comfortable.

I'm hanging little Spanish word signs all over my house - I've got to be able to make some full, meaningful sentences. :)

I'm watching El Agente Cody Banks on the Spanish channel. I can only understand about half of it. But the good news is I CAN understand half of it. :)

I downloaded maps, had them printed at the CopyMax laminated and trimmed. I bought Sharpies to make notes about the things I want to see and places I want to stop.

I bought some large "sticky notes" to place in my El Camino books. I plan to journal on those pages and just attach them to the locales that match in the book.

This is a quiet weekend for me. Just taking care of myself and getting ready.

61 days until my camino.

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