Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pulling It All Together

Now it is starting to feel like a trip! I have my "official" travel book and I'm adding notes from all the books and postings that I've read. Things like a museum here, an errant description there, stay here/don't stay there, a special church just up the hill a couple of km, etc.

These notes and perspectives will guide me on where I want to stay and how long I want to stay there. It may mean I have a short day one day or a longer day just for the opportunity to see the site.

Also I read up on the Spanish food. I've had Basque cooking before and it is yummy. There are a couple of things that I want to avoid. I wrote them down too. I got a little surprised with some frommage in France once and so I check up on what it is I don't want to have on my lips.

The clock is ticking and the reality is gelling. This will be soooo fun. 38 days of nothing and everything all rolled into one.