Sunday, October 10, 2010

13 Days

In thirteen days my feet will touch the Camino once again. My body is electric thinking about it. I'm wondering if it will feel the same or different. Whether I'll feel all novice again or "experienced". Will walking with a friend enhance it, ruin it, or just be different? Will the bedbugs bite? Etc., etc.

The different season will be interesting to see.

The Camino changed me. I'm excited to experience it again. (And without two days flying!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teri, this is Klaus.
Just read your blog.
Don't you read your email on yahoo?
Due to the upcoming anniversary I would like to contact you.
I dont know if you back from GB. I dont know where you are at all.
Would you mind giving me a short notice on my email -

Thanks a lot, I am often think of you and me and the ALTO DEL PERDON.

A big hug from germany.