Sunday, July 18, 2010

All Roads Lead to Santiago

While back in Utah, I found some time and inspiration to pull a piece together. It was not to be a Camino piece, but, it happened anyway. The theme went deeper and deeper and linked things further and futher into my past.
Teri Cuts and Pastes

The irony or coincidence (don't believe in that any more) packing for my move to England last week, I was going through saved boxes. I have a special mementos box that every now and then I stroll down memory lane with it. This stroll landed on a sub-package that had my pictures and souvinirs of Portugal in it. (It was before my scrapbooking of these days.) In the bundle was a National Geographic map that Dwidget gave me before the Portugal. The map is of Portugal AND Spain. On the "cover" is  a drawing of St. James/Santiago and many places that I passed during my Camino. It has all the places we visited in Portugal.

And I thought it all started in a bookstore in Seattle.....

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Ivar Rekve said...

Hi Teri,

Have you though about walking the camino again? A different one maybe? You will find a lot of usefull information here:

Buen Camino!