Friday, October 15, 2010

Camino on my mind

I leave a week from today to do a little Camino on the Portuguese Route. I'll meet up with Joop and walk for a few days with him.

I received my 2011 Camino Calendar.

Ready for nature. Ready for my heart to swell. Ready to be filled again.


MarkT said...

OH Teri- How I envy you. We did SJJP to Santaigo this summer, and my mind still belongs to the Camino!
Good luck and Buen Caminohingsav

Luiza said...

Do you have the John Brierley CP guide? If so, read about Fernanda of Casa da Fernanda in Vitorino de Piaês. I stayed with Fernanda and her family, it was the highlight of my Camino Portugues as John said it would be. Fernanda loves Country Music, maybe Garth Brook with Unanswered Prayers would be a good gift. :)

Buen Camino

Teri said...

I love the song Unanswered Prayers. It is true in so many ways!